Questions most often asked

Before I start, I think it is necessary to point out some things that I have learned through studying dreams. When God gives a dream, He paints a picture of the end result, but there is almost always blank spaces in-between the starting point and the end result. This has to do with keeping the focus and meaning of the dream connected with Him and also tests our faith and dependence on Him. Therefore you will see that some of the questions asked most often, I really don’t have answers on at this stage.

Question1.  How will you build and maintain such a large building?
Answer. I was sitting at Loftus when we got beaten by the Cheetahs the other day. I think we totalled just over 50 000 people on the stadium that day. What I am planning to build is Loftus multiplied by 4! So yes I do realize that this is a very big endeavour, which will take fine planning and all the support we can get. God didn’t only tell Noah to build the Ark, He also gave the skilled people to do the work. One thing that I don’t doubt is that the stadium will be built. We have been sending people to the moon and are now aiming for Mars, I am certain we can build this Temple.
So if your skills involve civil structures or logistics please click here to contact us... 
Question2. There are not enough people even in Gauteng to fill 200 000 seats on a regular basis?
Answer. This point does have merit, but I think the answer lies in belief. If we don’t believe that revival will take place, it won’t ever happen. If we see what the roads look like on Easter weekend, and that people gather from as far as Cape Town to go to Tzaneen totalling more than a million souls. I truly hope that we as Christians will put in the same effort for our Saviour.
Question3. How can you be certain that it was God who gave you this vision?
Answer. Please refer to: Where does the idea come from?
Question 4. What will you do when half-way thru the project you start losing support and you don’t manage to generate the finances?
Answer. To tell you the honest truth, this thought doesn’t exist in my mind! The Stadium is something that God wants to have realized and He will give whatever is needed to see this dream become reality. We are in the final meters of this race to the finish line, and He wants his people saved!
Question 5. You don’t even know what this project is going to cost?
( The land, building plans, building cost, maintenance, personnel etc.)
Answer. When starting any project, surely one of the first items to be determined is the cost of the project. Because of the fact that I am starting off on my own without the necessary expertise to determine the cost of such an extensive project, I am trusting the Lord to convince the right people to get involved with the project. So if you have been blessed with the ability to calculate costs for a building project and the Lord has laid it on your heart to help me.
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Question 6. Where will the Stadium be built?
Answer. I have to admit that the Lord has not yet revealed the location of the Stadium to me. Logistically speaking I would think somewhere near Pretoria, but this still needs to be confirmed. The two things that I do know about the land is first that it will be on top of a mountain, and secondly, I have had a prophetic word stating that the land has already been ordained and set aside, and will be given to me at the right time.  Should the Lord have laid it on your heart to donate the land for this Stadium, please contact me...
Question 7. What is the stadium going to look like?
Answer. This answer is also going to be a little vague as the vision that I saw concentrated on the inside of the Stadium more and focused on the people more than the stadium. It did look like a modern Stadium on the inside, and I have a good idea of what it looked like on the outside. Again if I could relay the info that I got to an architect I am very certain that we will be able to give you a stunning presentation of what the Stadium will look like. Should you be able to and feel led to help in this regard, please click here...
Question 8. People will not trust you. It is just another get rich quick scheme. You just want to steal people's money. There are too many people trying to get rich by stealing from the public on the internet.
Answer. Some very valid points, and a difficult question to answer convincingly! The fact that I am unknown also doesn’t help much either! What I intend to do, is to authorise at least three people as responsible for any withdrawals on the account. Each of these three people would have to submit their own personal pin code prior to any movement of funds. I intend to have a combination of different auditors to monitor the account, in order to make cross referencing possible. I also hope to get well-known people on board to confirm the validity of this project.
(The next portion was only added in 2016) The stadium just doesn’t seem to want to get off the ground.
It seems as though everyone thinks that I am crazy to attempt this project. It just feels as though I don’t have the ability to convince even one person to support me! Then one day the Lord answered my frustration and tears with the following scripture.  Acts 2:17 “and it shall be in the last days, God says, that I will pour forth of MY SPIRIT on ALL mankind, and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams;” I found peace in the knowledge it would be the Lord Jesus that will convince the people to get involved or not, by His Spirit! Therefore I want to advise you to seek the face of Jesus in prayer, before even attempting to get involved with this project. Also, ask Him to confirm His answer to you by giving you scripture that you can keep with you.   
Question 9.  People would want to see whether or not this project will succeed before they will get involved financially? 
Answer. To be cautious is advisable in the time that we live in! Again I will refer to Acts 2:17 and state that I believe that the Lord will convince and send all the right people at just the right time! If the Lord has convinced you to be part and you have peace in your heart, do what He wants you to do!
Question 10. How will you get people to visit your webpage?
Answer. I believe that like with evangelism the best way to distribute the knowledge will be through Christians that will talk to each other, about the Lord and this project. Word of mouth is going to be the biggest form of advertisement. By the time someone visits the site, he or she will already have a big idea of what the site is about. 
Question 11. In which ways can people contribute?

Answer. There are four possible ways in which someone could get involved with the Jesus As King Foundation.

1.    Supporting Financially:
We are hoping for at least one million Christians to donate an amount of R100 for as long as it will take to gather the amount needed to build the stadium. This amount should be in addition to your normal tithing which should still go to your church. Again I trust in the Lord to convince the right people to get involved and to convince them to donate in this way.

2.    By promoting our case to other people:
Our main advertisement is going to be word of mouth. We believe that the time has come to start talking boldly about Jesus, and His coming Kingdom. The stadium will create a talking point to also spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Furthermore, we need to get one million supporters to help fund the project. We will need the people who could carry this message out to all the Christians out there.

Matt 10: 32-33. “Therefore everyone who confesses Me before men, I will also confess him before My Father who is in heaven. But whoever denies Me before men, I will also deny him before My Farther who is in heaven.”   

So talk to your wife or your husband, your father and your mother, your children, your brother or your sister. The guy with whom you play golf and the guy that carries your golf bag. The lady at the day-care centre as well as the one at the hairdresser or bakery. The domestic worker at your house and the car guard at the shopping centre. Jesus died for all of us, so let’s tell it to as many people as possible.

3.    Talent.
Jesus As King Foundation needs the God given talent that you were created to help build this Stadium.
Architects, Artists, Artisans, Bookkeepers, Lawyers, Leaders and just normal caring people, you were born and created for a time and project like this. Now is your time to shine! We need a lot of hands, talents and wisdom, please get quiet before the Lord and find out where and how you should get involved.

Ministers – If you just imagine a Spirit-filled preacher, preaching to a group of people 200 000 in total and only 10% of these people decide to give their heart to the Lord, you will have 20 000 people that will need nurturing and guidance. This is the Lords way of pulling the church [His bride], together before His second coming. Organisations like EE3, G12, LL ministries will have a huge role to play here, should they decide to get involved.

Wouldn’t it be great to host a gospel show for our young children on Friday and Saturday evenings to get them off the streets and involved with the work of the Lord!

We need ordinary people with a heart to help others to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ, or just to help with whatever you can where ever help is needed. We need Spirit-filled people to make Jesus visible to others here on earth.
4.    Prayer.
The biggest support that we need is for people to carry us in prayer on a daily basis. This surely is one of the most important items to get in place, even before we start anything.

Question 12. What is the ultimate goal of Jesus As King Foundation?
Answer. I have spoken to quite a number of Priests and Pastors and the same alarming concern serviced everywhere. In some cases, as little as 25% of the congregation on the books, are sold out Christian people that have a real living relationship with Jesus. The bulk of the people are only Christian on paper, and their lifestyle actually reflects something different! What all of them agreed upon was that we need revival in our country. Sold out to Jesus congregations that will not compromise in any way!

I realized that most of us have pension funds that we pay without missing an instalment, to cover us for a lifetime on earth that goes by in the blink of an eye. On the other hand, we all struggle to take time off to ensure we are covered for our eternal dwelling with Jesus in heaven someday! We all need to make a decision for or against Jesus here on earth and live with whoever we decide to follow. This decision, however, has a direct influence as to where we will be spending eternity! The decision is totally up to each individual, just know that Jesus is standing right next to you, hoping for you to turn around and reach out to Him!  

What is our ultimate goal? I want to see this stadium built, and lives being transformed! To build the Stadium is the easy part (with the help of the Lord of course). What I want to see is the coming revival and the movement of the Holy Spirit that will transform lives! Jesus already paid the price for all who will believe in Him, and He loves us so much that He doesn’t want to see one soul  get lost. We want to see revival!!!

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Is your money safe?

As soon as the bookkeepers are appointed and in place, this section will explain itself.

How can you help?

  1. Go , before you decide anything, spend time with the Lord. Pray and ask Jesus about our worthiness or not. Should you feel convinced to be part of this project, ask Him to confirm your participation by giving you scripture to hold on to through this whole process. Now commit yourself to an amount that you could afford monthly until this project is finished.
  2. Use your mouth, and the stadium as the door opener to chat to all the people that you know about the stadium and their salvation! Talk to as many people as you can, and for once be a “fisher of men” like the Word intended! Let’s spread the good gospel of Jesus the Christ!
  3. If you would like to offer your talents, please click here...
  4. Don’t ever stop praying for the project, the people involved, their families and wellbeing, and that the will of Jesus be done in all the things we attempt. Also pray that we never lose sight of the fact that what ever we are building will never replace the One that we are building it for!