Uses for the Stadium

The purpose of the giant complex is to:

  • Firstly to show our dependence on God.
  • To make Jesus visible to a very cruel world.
  • To spread the hope for revival.
  • A place to glorify God.
  • To equip normal people, in order for them to help others.
  • To create a platform to save the institution of marriage.
  • 24/7 place for prayer.
  • A place where we can care for all who are struggling.
  • The stadium will not have a congregation, and will aim to strengthen existing churches.

With God, nothing is impossible.

I frequently hear that this project is impossible and won’t succeed. I have to admit that the scale of this project do overwhelm me sometimes! In times like that I always remind myself that this is not my idea and that the Lord Himself will drive this project, because it has ultimately always been His project and He will see it through!